Types of Sideboards & Console Design

A console table or sideboard is a type of sideboard to store wine and alcohol glasses, bottles, cutlery and are mostly used in bedrooms or living rooms these days and give a very beautiful addition to the room. They have an indescribable beauty that can be a very good place to even showcase accessories like mirrors or candle places on it.

It can give a wonderful look to your home. If you are interested in using a console in your home, you should know its design and styles. In this article, we want to discuss the types and their features. Stay with us.


Hallway Entry

To place a mirror and candles in a hallway to bring life to the area that is usually for only greeting guests. Adding this to the hallway area can be given a great first impression of your home to the visitors.


Simple, artistic design that can be eyecatching when you look at it. Very popular among young people when start decorating their home.


This type of sideboard is very unique and is suitable for environments and homes that have been designed and arranged in a classic style. Classic console can be used in rooms, hallways and entrances of the house and give a very special beauty to space. They are much more expensive than others.

Mid Century


Material for Sideboards

Wood & Timber

One of the most common types of the buffet is a wooden one that can instill a sense of intimacy into the environment. You can use wooden console in interior decorations that use metal or wooden frames. Mirrors and wood are usually cheaper and include one of the most beautiful types of them that come in a wide variety of designs and colours.

The use of wooden consoles is one of the most common types that are very popular these days. For information on prices and various designs, you can use sales centers or search the Internet. The woods used in it that are different and their price is evaluated according to the design and type of wood used in them.

Glass and Mirror

Bronze console:

Some brides-to-be like to place their mirrors and candlesticks on bronze, so the makers offer a variety of designs and styles for this purpose.
Many of these various designs are suitable for the use of mirrors and candlesticks of young Russians that can be used for many years. The material of this type is a combination of bronze or stone and the side frame of their mirror is made of pure bronze. This design is a well-known candlestick mirror table and is highly welcomed. All the styles we have mentioned have a wide variety of designs and colors that can be seen in abundance in the market. These days, console have gradually become part of the newlyweds’ dowry

Steel console:

Steel products have always been welcomed by the audience, the steel console has a very shiny appearance, which reflects light and gives a very wonderful and amazing effect to the environment. These are made of stainless steel sheets and according to the customer’s taste, glass or wood can be used in their combination and we can see a wide variety of models from them.

Sideboards are usually sold with a mirror. It depends on your taste whether you use a wall mirror or a mirror of this series. You may want to make a simple one without a mirror and decorate it with your own mirror and candlestick. You can also visualize the arrangement on this using only two candlesticks symmetrically on the sides of the desk.

Using a simple and stylish decorative vase with natural or artificial flowers, we also recommend you design a sideboard. In any case, we want to tell you that these decorative tables are compatible with all tastes. Any shape and size with any color theme you want can be easily prepared. For modern style, you can use simple and for classic design, you can use wooden tables with special carvings.

What should be the best place console & sideboard?

The console tables have different designs and models depending on where they are placed.

Console table place in the bedroom:

Some people like to use console tables in their bedroom, using this stylish and beautiful product can provide a wonderful and beautiful view to your bedroom in your bedroom with a sufficient distance from the bed.

If your bedroom does not have enough space, you can hit the console with a single arrow. It can be used instead of the toilet, safe, mirror and candlestick and storage of valuables. to the

That’s why using a sideboard in the bedroom can be very efficient and cost-effective. Sideboard in addition to having a special beauty, can accommodate all your valuable items, as well as console with mirrors are prepared and presented and can be used as a toilet table.

You can place your mirror and candlestick on the console and help beautify your room decoration. You will also be able to use locked desks and drawers to store your most important documents and put all your important accessories on them.

The position of the console table in the living room:

Another application of the console table is for use in the living room, living room because it is one of the best rooms in the house that is used to entertain guests. Therefore, its interior design and decoration are very important.

Using a classic or steel sideboard can be a great option for designing this section, you can use a classic reception table next to a classic console and transfer a wonderful effect to your living room, since ‌ The decoration of this section is very important. You can design it with apartment shrubs or standing lampshades and also use wooden or classic sideboards.

If you want to make the best use of the environment in addition to beauty, you can put all your utensils such as cutlery and spoons on the console and prepare them in advance to receive guests. Placing candles and candlesticks on them can be an idea great to give your living room a very unique look. Finally, you can use your old dishes and souvenirs on the table and design your room with a special effect.

Console desk stands for the work environment:

Using console desks in the workplace has its efficiency and you can use them to design your workplace. This practical device is offered in many different shapes and designs and will make your work environment and decoration more special.

For example, using steel sideboard in bridal salons, bags and shoe stores can be very efficient. Using a steel console and chairs, you can provide a wonderful space to your work environment, to further beautify the environment. You can use steel ones next to a mirror with the same style. Sofa front puffs and single chairs can be a great option to use.

Your work environment shows the degree of your mastery and order, so you should pay enough attention to the decoration and appearance of your work environment, it is necessary for this importance, according to the type of business and your work, to use appropriate interior decorations.

The use of classic sideboard is one of the most beautiful designs that give indescribable beauty to the environment. The use of this console in royal houses and homes will be very impressive and spectacular. In houses that have a royal decoration, they can use console and their decorative mirrors next to the dining table and create a very spectacular effect. Of course, the use of these alone or in combination with other royal wooden services is also common. Some sideboards can also be used as alcohol or wine storage or bar cabinet.

In aristocratic houses, the use of royal sideboard is very common and will bring a magnificent view to the guests. You can use golden mirrors and candlesticks to make the environment more attractive and change the decoration of your home in general.

The living room or comfort room is one of the rooms in the building that has a lot of furniture. You can use wall console for this room. These are attached to the wall and hold a lot of tools and equipment.

You can use a steel sideboard in your living room and change the decoration of your room. This, in addition to a very beautiful view, makes your equipment organized and orderly.

For more designs and models, you can ask the sellers to show you the console for the living room and choose from them. You can use 3-door or 2-door ones that are suitable and enjoy the living space of your living room.

What should we pay attention to when buying a mirror?

Tips for buying a console mirror: Always follow the tips when buying will increase the quality of the purchase, even more profitability of the customer. In this part of the article, we want to tell you tips that can be very effective when buying a sideboard mirror.

It is better to pay attention to the points that lead to a better and higher-quality purchase. Here, we tried to point out some important points and we have collected them for you. In the following, be sure to be with us.

Is a fixed sideboard mirror better or a moving one? The welcoming space or lobby of your home is a space that guests will encounter in the first place. If this part is in the form of a corridor, it is more appropriate to use fixed mirrors.

But if the lobby space of your house is wide, it is better to use wall and moving products. Movable mirrors are often used in reception halls, but if your welcoming space is wide, you can use these models in this space and give an amazing view to your home lobby.

Using wall mirrors can make the view of your lobby or hallway very impressive and very eye-catching for guests. Fixed mirrors will also make the narrow corridors appear larger. Of course, this will depend entirely on its harmony with your home decoration. The use of moving mirrors will provide you with this feature so that you can use it in other parts of your home.

Is a large console mirror better or smaller?

It all depends on your taste. If your home is large, you can use large mirrors, but if you have a small house, you can use small mirrors. Note that large console mirrors are suitable for small homes. No, and small mirrors are not suitable for large homes, and also decide and buy with your taste and the size of the building.

Using the right mirrors for your home can be challenging. To make a better choice, you need to consult an expert or, if possible, try both small and large models for your home and see its appearance closely and then decide.
Is the mirror with a modern design better or a traditional and classic design?
To put it more clearly, depending on the type of furniture and interior decoration of your home, you should decide whether a modern mirror is more suitable for your home or your traditional and classic design should be decided in perfect harmony and according to compatibility with your home decorations. Take it and act on it, and it will depend entirely on your taste and furniture.

For example, if your furniture is sporty, choosing a mirror and a royal sideboard will not be a good option for you and may make your home look ugly. The right choice for you is to use a mirror.

You should choose according to the interior decoration of your home, and if you have not yet decided on the type of interior decoration of your home, you can get help from people who work in this field and according to the area of ​​the building and its interior facade, the best decoration for your home.

Expensive or cheap console mirrors?

Always and everywhere, price debate is a hot and challenging topic, you know that very high prices do not indicate the quality and guarantee of the quality of the product, nor does cheap buying indicate the invalidity and worthlessness of the product, to put it more clearly. We have to say that if you buy from a store that is fair and priced while considering the quality required for the product, your purchase will be economical.

Using quality wood and accessories used will naturally cost more than lower quality products, so you need to get advice from reputable sales experts and consult with them.

The simpler your chosen work and the lower the cost of wood or metal used in it, the lower the final price will be for you, but for example, royal tables and mirrors that have high quality wood and a lot of woodcarving in addition to the cost of wood The cost of the work done on the wood are also calculated and you have to pay a higher price for it, but this does not mean that you accept any price and pay the price.

To make the right choice, you need to complete your research and make the most of it, try to compare prices, and ask questions of those who are fair in doing so.

How to arrange the console table better?

After preparing and buying the console, another issue that buyers are considering is the design. Here we have tried to gather tips for better arranging your home sideboard with different ideas for you.

If you want to have different ideas for designing and arranging your home table and its arrangement is special and eye-catching, be sure to join us. In this part of the article, we will express ideas for arranging the console so that you can have a more beautiful and harmonious arrangement with your building.

Create symmetry in the console table layout:

Try to create symmetry in the arrangement, tables that have coordinated lines are a good option for the arrangement of symmetry, and the use of golden art sculptures can give significant space to your home or work environment, even the use of wall paintings. And the designs on them can help you and create a very beautiful and suitable combination for you.

To create a unique decoration, it is necessary that you use your eyes and see the proportion between its shapes and colors on the table and fix its problems. Creating symmetry always creates a very pleasant feeling for you and the viewers, so if you use sporty or classic styles, creating symmetry can give your home or work environment a very suitable atmosphere.

Use of medieval style:

The use of medieval style for those who use royal tables and mirrors, will have a very indescribable effect and will add a lot of grandeur to the environment, combining these two styles together has created a very beautiful miracle and In addition to the colors that will increase the attractiveness, it makes the beauty of the environment multiplied, depending on the decoration of your home, you can look for more attractive color combinations and increase the attractiveness of your environment.

This style has a special grandeur that can take you in the royal and majestic world of aristocrats and bring a special feeling. The use of this style is highly recommended for homes with royal interior decoration.

Using the console table next to the dining table:

Another suggested option is to use a console next to the dining table, which can be a great option for storing your luxury and everyday items on it, maybe you just want to show off your beautiful dishes. give. But you can place these dishes on the wall above the console, this will create order and prevent excessive crowding on the table. Try to leave it alone on the table and symmetrical, beautiful and impressive dishes on it. use.

Undoubtedly, using a sideboard with a dining table can help you to a great extent and instill a special order in your dining utensils. For this reason, it is necessary for you to use it for the first priority of your work, which is the permanent arrangement of dishes, and then on it to decorate your decorative items. By doing this, you have indicated with a few arrows. Try to make the most of your buffet table

Regular storage of equipment on the buffet:

Try to arrange the items on the console regularly and avoid clutter and clutter, create proportions and symmetry, and thus forgive. Put decorative lights on it and a very good balance for it and decoration. Establish a home. Creating order on the sideboard can bring a positive and indescribable feeling to you and your guests. Always try to keep it neat and tidy.
If you do not comply with this, buying a buffet will be nothing more than an additional purchase for your home. To make better use of it, be sure to observe its cleanliness and order.

Display your decorative items:

Before arranging, plan for your console and use accessories and books and even stylish and beautiful lights to decorate it. Green pots can be a good option to bring a stunning image to the environment.

Use artboards and you can decorate both sides of the sideboard with small vases. Your buffet can easily be a turning point in your interior decoration and environment. It has an ugly and unbearable appearance for you and your guests.

Before preparing the board, be sure to select the device you want to place on the table of your console. According to the model of your choice, what equipment is better to use on the table? If your favorite model is sporty or steel, we suggest that you get help from nature in its arrangement. The use of natural vases or artificial flowers makes your sideboard, in addition to being more beautiful, also have an indescribable softness and appearance.

The difference between a sideboard, a drawer, and a toilet table?

For a good purchase, you need to first know the differences with similar models. Here we try to explain the differences between dressing, buffet, drawer, in full for you.

It can also be placed in the bathroom and toilet. The space of the main place of the dressing table is in the bedroom. But these days, due to the smaller size of the houses and the lack of enough space, they will be placed in the bathroom or toilet.

Shows and cupboards are used that you can use to store your cosmetics or perfumes. These are a great option, so you can organize your personal belongings and put them in order.

These tables have very different styles and models, which are selected according to the decoration in the room. This dressing table should have functional features in addition to beauty, so that there is enough space for health and cosmetics and their maintenance.

Differences between dressing table and buffet:

The biggest difference between a dressing table and a console is its components. A dressing table consists of a table with a fixed or movable mirror. But the console includes a table, chair, mirror and candlestick.

The next difference between a dressing table or sideboard and a sideboard is in their appearance. The dressing table has at least one drawer, but it does not have a drawer and a cupboard. The third difference between a dressing table and a console will be where they are located.

For the sideboard, the entrance to the house or also more or less in the reception is a room or living room, but the place of the dressing table will be only in the bedroom or bathroom.
drawer :
Today, drawers are an integral and popular part of the home that can hold a lot of equipment. For this reason, the drawer, which has large and wide drawers, is very suitable for rooms

And they will also hold a lot of accessories. The drawer can in no way give way and bears no resemblance to it. There are different styles for drawer tables, but in general, their performance and appearance are different.

How to buy a console?

There are countless ways to buy a sideboard that we want to introduce here the safest ways to buy a buffet, in this article, be sure to join us.

If you have no idea about sideboard and their place in the house and you decide to buy a sideboard , you need to research this. So before buying, be sure to do the necessary research on the types of console and their different stands at home, and then make a decision, and one of the safest ways to buy a sideboard is to go to sales centers and buy directly from sellers.

In this case, you can see the goods closely and ask the sellers for help. The point to be made here is to match the type of material and its price, and ask the person involved to help. Be careful about the cost and consider the high costs. , Because very high costs are not a sign of product quality. You should seek help and guidance from an expert in this regard.

Another way to buy a console is to go through online stores, buy from reputable stores, and be sure to pay attention to the warranties provided by the product. At the time of delivery, before you receive the goods, completely Inspect and try to monitor the whole product. Observe the quality of the product closely and if you see any discrepancies with the ordered item, refer to it immediately and report the report to the purchased website.

When buying, you should fully raise your awareness and maintain that it does not matter if you buy online or in person. Exchange for you or return the amount to your account.

When delivering the mirror, try to be more vigilant and inspect the mirror glass for size without any scratches or breaks, because after delivery, other manufacturers will not accept any defects in the work. For this reason, it is necessary that you be careful when delivering and at the same time notice any defects in the work, inform immediately.

In this article, we talked in detail about the sideboard and the place in the reception, we mentioned that the console with or without a base that can place countless items on itself or in its drawers and cupboards, this is a very suitable option. It is for those who like to organize their belongings.

Or create a wonderful view for your decoration in a corner of the house. We also mentioned the types of them, which is one of the types of wooden sideboard that we mentioned that can induce a warm and intimate environment to environment.

Wooden sideboard is one of the most common types of console that can be used a lot and has many designs and colors. Bronze console is one of the most popular options for newlyweds who can put their mirror and candlestick on this one can bring a special order to the bride’s new dowry, and then we mentioned the steel sideboard, which can have very good light for your home environment with reflection.

It is suitable for houses that have little light and want to increase the light of their home environment, and also for environments that have a lot of light, it may be annoying. This one of the types of sideboard that is very comfortable. You can and you can use it always and everywhere because of its great convenience.

The classic buffet is one of the most unique types that is suitable for those who are interested in classic style and are looking for a different option for the impressive beauty of their home. This has a much higher price and also a lot of work on it. For this reason, it has a much higher cost than other models introduced.

The console desk can be placed in the bedroom. Some people want to use their buffet in the bedroom and place their bedroom furniture in a more orderly manner. Use toilet table, safe, mirror and candlestick.

You can put your valuables on the console and help to beautify the decoration of your room. The sideboard can also be used in the living room and can be used as a wonderful view in your living room. The living room has features that can dazzle the eyes of guests and bring a special effect to you.

The console is also used in the workplace and can be used in bridal salons, bag and shoe stores and many other work environments. You can use steel buffet next to a mirror and puffs in front of the table and Use chairs for work environments to beautify your interior decoration.

It all depends on the type of your business, which according to the type of business and interior decoration, you can decide and choose the right option, you can also use the console in the royal decoration of your home if your home decoration is royal and very spectacular and eye Stuck, you can use the mirrors and buffet.

This will give a special and special grandeur to your home. The final image of your home can be a picture of aristocratic homes that will complement this image next to the royal buffet.

When buying a console mirror, be sure to pay attention to the points mentioned above. When buying, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of mirror that is fixed or movable, which depends on the lobby or welcoming space of your home. Your home is wide open. It is better to use moving products, and if you have a narrow space, you can use fixed mirrors. Large buffet mirrors can be used for houses with a larger area.

Also, small mirrors are more suitable for homes that have a smaller space. Console mirrors with a classic or traditional design completely depend on the theme of your building. What the interior decoration of your home should look like should be carefully decided and completely depends on your taste.

Expensive buffet mirrors are by no means a sign of product quality, and you may have to pay exorbitant prices for low-quality products. You should seek the help of a sales expert and seek his advice. It is important to be aware of this. Have and act prudently.

In the following, we have mentioned how to better buffet. You can use symmetry to help arrange the buffet better, creating symmetry in the console can help you to create a very impressive view.

Also, the use of medieval styles inspires a special grandeur to your environment, and according to the decoration of your home and the use of attractive colors, it will help the charm of your environment and will bring aristocratic grandeur, using a buffet next to dining table is a very suitable and favorite option for women who can put their dishes on it and use it next to the dining table.

The items on the console should be neatly arranged and maintained as a well-kept device. Place the decorative items on the buffet to give you a striking image.

In the following, we have mentioned the difference between a console and a dressing table. Both of their main places are in the bedroom and are usually used by women to make their own cosmetics and perfumes. Put on it.

However, due to the lack of sufficient space in homes these days, it is possible that the dressing or toilet table can be used in toilets. Also, the dressing table and console are different in their components. The dressing table consists of a fixed mirror or A movable mirror and table and chairs, but the buffet does not have these items and has at least 1 drawer.

And the third difference in their location is that the console will be located at the entrance of the building or living room, but the dressing table will be used in the bedroom or bathroom.

And it is an integral and popular part of the house that can hold a lot of furniture and has large and wide drawers that can not be replaced by a buffet in any way and will not have any resemblance to a console. It is very different, but its functionality is the same and it is used in the room and it puts a lot of items in its drawers.