The common types of plant stand?

Indoor plants are among the few ways to bring nature home and refresh your mood along with a plant stand. In addition to cleaning the air and increasing dopamine, plants also play a role in the beauty of your home. Especially if the plant stand is used to display them for beauty. The beauty of the flowers, such as the sensoria or the petunia, is further enhanced by them.

Types of flower stands with different heights show the effect of plant presence better. They can be made of wood or metal, and depending on your decoration style, you can add one of them to the arrangement.

When it comes to choosing a flower, there is no need. You can use anything that has the ability, such as a side table and shelves for a plant stand at home. Of course, choosing a wooden stand will open your hands in creativity and give more effect to the plant. Especially if the overall theme of the home decoration is wood.

The Plant Pot Stand Designs

To choose a flower stand design, it is important to consider the weight and dimensions of the plant pot. When choosing a stand, you can use minimalist designs such as simple medieval design stools with indoor plants in between. If you have large and heavy pots, you can go for more contemporary designs and choose a flat pot stand that can withstand the weight of pots.

Stands and shelves along with houseplants bring small greenhouses of nature into your home by filling a small space in your home. The freshness of the green nature of the plants in your house will give a special beauty and charm to the home decoration and will bring energy and vitality to the rooms. Now we want to introduce the best types and designs for plant stands.

Plant shelf

There are beautiful examples of shelves for your plants. Plant shelves are still not in the category of home plant stands because they are not fixtures and there are different types of them on the market.
The beauty of these indoor plant stands is that they can be used to house a large number of small and medium-sized plants. At the same time, they can be used to place other decorative objects such as pictures with frames, candles, and even smaller works of art and crafts.

The home plant shelf has become a major part of home decoration as they are much larger than a single stand. They can be a space or have a wall feature, and the rest of the space should be decorated according to these stands (instead of them being the appropriate choice or contrasting with a particular style of decoration).

Wooden & timber plant stands

The best wood for the plant stand is the native trees of your area that can withstand the weather conditions, especially if one day you decide to use the pot stand outside the house, the importance of this decision becomes more obvious.

The wood of trees such as maple, cedar, oak, rubberwood, mango tree, pine and spruce are strong and resistant and have good resistance against one or two water stains and small accidental injuries. If you have a limited budget, laminate flooring can be a great choice for a wooden plant stand and planter and at a low cost.

The choice of timber here really depends on their resistance and price. We strive to manufacture our timber plant stands with the best wood and timbers we can get not matter the cost.

Metal stand

The metal plant stand is also very popular these days and competes with its wooden ones. The advantage of the metal stand is its strength and durability, and sometimes it is lighter than the wooden type according to the model and dimensions. If you like the combination of wood and metal, the good news is that there are also timber plant stands with metal bases and wood surfaces on our website that will meet both of your needs at the same time.

Tiered plant stands

They are a better choice for small apartments. Occupying a space, a floor stand can accommodate several indoor plants. In the pot stand, taller plants can be placed on the lower floors, medium plants on the middle floors, and short and small ones on the upper floors.

Some types of flower stands are adjustable and you can adjust them according to the dimensions of the plant to make the most of them. Some ask what it is and why should we buy it? By looking at the beautiful one, you will get some answers to your question; Because they have created a wonderful style that gives a beautiful look to your home. In fact, two layers of white wood mean that two plants can sit on this base and their placement next to the curtain can create a special effect.

Pot Stand

The types of pot stands are also very beautiful and because they have the space of a pot, they give that single house plant a unique glow. There are different types of flowers and they are available in simple models such as tall cubes to patterned and worked models such as Roman-style or mid century.


Seeing the plant stand, many, especially those who are skilled and interested in carpentry, thought of doing the work themselves and making one. If you are unsure about buying or making a pot stand, it should be said that if you want a very simple model, making a stand may be a better idea, but it has subtleties that not everyone, especially amateur, can handle.

What’s the difference between Ikea & our stands?

  • Wood & Timber Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Price
  • Uniqueness
  • Variety
  • Size
  • Colour

Tips When Buying a plant stand

When buying a stand, especially a wooden one, keep in mind that water and wood are not compatible. Therefore, in the first place, prepare a flower stand for the indoor plant that has a waterproof cover, and with the fall of a water stain, which is a common occurrence while watering the plant, your wooden pot stands will not look out of shape.
Also note that many types of indoor plants need high or moderate light. Therefore, before buying a plant stand, identify the skylight spaces of the house and choose the one that fits these spaces.

  • Wall stands are more beautiful for small pots.
  • When buying a wooden stand, make sure it is waterproof so as not to damage it.
  • The choice of ladder stands is very suitable for modern decorations.
  • Ladder ones are suitable for flowers and plants with elongated leaves.
  • If your flowers have a high height growth, it is better to get a low stand.
  • Choose different width and length of the plant stand because the flowers grow in different ways.
  • The use of hanging and wall stands is the most suitable option for small spaces and small houses.
  • Usually, along with the TV and sofa, they use short stands with ceramic pots or vases that have a unique beauty.
  • There are pot stands that have the ability to install growth lamps. This feature is suitable for spaces that do not have skylights and not enough light reaches the flowers.
  • Choose the right one depending on the number of pots you have, a large stand for the number of small pots will make the space sloppy and ugly.

A variety of plants with low maintenance

Few people are unaware of the benefits of having a plant. The right flowers in the apartment, in addition to refreshing the air, create a visual appeal and completely change the appearance of the house. In today’s machine and apartment life, having an apartment plant has a positive effect on the soul and psyche, and caring for and even watering apartment flowers makes the soul lighter.

If, after buying a plant stand, you have now decided to buy an apartment flower and you are going to fill the empty spaces and add to the charm of the house, follow us in the continuation of this article.

One of the biggest challenges for those who want to buy the right flowers for their apartment is maintenance. Skylights may not be available in all homes or may not be available for houseplants. Also, the method of irrigation, suitable soil, and fertilizer are things that make many people reluctant to buy suitable flowers for the apartment.

Plant stands for all kinds of censorship

Sensoria is one of the easiest types of apartment flowers to store. Sensoria flowers can tolerate low light and water and grow well in the worst conditions. So if you have a dimly lit apartment, Sensoria flower is a good choice for you. Also, sensoria do not need much watering, and if you like houseplants but it is difficult for you to take care of, choose sensoria.

Another advantage of the less talked about censorship flower is its vertical growth. Many houseplants grow horizontally and must be pruned constantly, pruning new shoots that have crowded the plant. But the flower of censorship with vertical growth also solves this problem.

Finally, censorship cleanses harmful household chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.

Where should we place pot stands?

In this article, we will focus on the places where stands are usually located. Since they are among the decorative items of the house, first of all, you can determine their place in the house according to your taste. But usually, because the pot is on the base and the flowers need fresh air and sunlight, it is better to be near the window.

But other common places where you can place the plant stands can be used in the corner of the house, next to the bed, TV, hallways and according to the furniture of your house according to the size and usable space between the sofas. You can also manage your exquisite decorative pots with a stand. We also suggest you read the guide to buying decorative and exquisite pots.

Your stand should be able to be easily carried. Also, if the decoration changes, it can be moved. The wheeled stand is suitable for this situation. Of course, it may not be easy to find the type that you can order.

They are bearing strength

Buy a sturdy stand according to the weight of the pots, because using too much weight can damage both the stand and the pots. The weight bearing of them is mentioned in the product specifications, we have also prepared products that have this feature. Covers as much as possible.

Our plant stands are among the best home decoration accessories. A simple flower stand for a pot starts from $100 dollars. They are more expensive due to their larger dimensions and go up to $400. In general, it can be said that beautiful wooden or metal flowers can be prepared for houseplants at a low cost.