Order Timber & Custom Coffee Table in Melbourne

If you care about your home interior design, then you know that in addition to furniture, you should also have a stylish and beautiful side & coffee table. In this article, we have tried to provide you with important tips when you are looking for a custom-made table. So we suggest that you read these important points before shopping.

Coffee Table Buying Guide in 2022

The coffee table has become one of the most common things in the living rooms today, which attracts attention with its special and attractive design when someone first comes into the room. The table is placed in front of furniture, sofa or chairs in the house. This is a decorative table that due to its special and unique design can be used in the living and dining room during the reception.

Any accessories that we add to the house can have a positive or negative effect on the beauty and layout of the whole room. In order for your furniture and table to make the overall decoration and design of your home more beautiful, pay attention to the following points.

Table Size:

Choosing the right size and dimensions of the coffee table is one of the most important steps in shopping. Usually, there are no standard dimensions for the table, although the height in most cases is something between 40 CM to 45 CM.

So you should consider the size of it in proportion to the size of other furniture and the location where you place it. However, in Crimson Oak Design, you can order the table of your favorite in any size we have featured and showcased several designs in different sizes that you can choose from.

But in any case, if you are after something different and you know the dimensions and the types of wood and finish. For information about ordering a custom-size coffee or side table, contact us via @!

Wood & Timber Choice

Considering the fact that the coffee table is constantly in danger of spilling liquids and the food on it, the material of the tabletop and legs and the ability to be cleaned and waterproof are important options when buying them. The price of different types of timbers varies according to the material and its features.

You can choose between different timber types, Veneer, which while being stylish, becomes less boring over time. For example, a Walnut coffee table has a higher quality and durability than Veneer. But it also has a much higher price. American Oak, beechwood, and the following are common materials used in the product.

  • Veneer.
  • American Oak.
  • Tasmanian Oak.
  • Walnut.
  • Rose Wood.
  • Marble.

In order to maintain the beauty and also to save money on different parts of the coffee table, a natural veneer is used, which while maintaining the beauty and radiance of the wooden appearance. Along with the use of the wooden base in important parts of them, reasonable price for the product.

Metal tables made of iron or other metals such as aluminum or steel, along with fabric, tactile, and glass are other materials. We have made the choice easier for you by providing a wide variety of models of these materials at suitable prices.


One of the most beautiful models of coffee table is the steel model, which is usually ordered with a furniture service set. But in some hybrid models, this rule is ignored. A comfortable sofa for 7 people with a steel table or vice versa. It can be interesting and of course bold.

Table colours and finishes:

One of the first points before purchasing a piece of furniture and table is to determine the location of the coffee table. This will help you to know which colour the table will go with the sofa and other furniture like your carpet, rug or floor.

So you can choose a finish that goes with the decoration and accessories around the table. For the table to come in any colour and combination in the decoration and layout of your home. You can choose a table that is usually produced in neutral and simple colours, so it is not necessary that they are exactly the same.

The complementary colours give more energy to the environment and neutral colours are visible along with other pieces and make the space beautiful. For example, in bright environments with vibrant shade, a white coffee table is used and in dark environments, a black and dark is more suitable. Following finishes are available on our range.

  • White
  • Washed white
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Honey
  • Custom Honey
  • Walnut
  • Osmo oil

Table legs

One of the features that make a table stunning and distinguished is its legs. They can be made of any materials from wood, timber, metal, and stone. It’s your choice to decide which ones are fitted in your home.

We at Crimson Oak design love the idea of using timber in different shapes, oval, square, dowel, or exotic that make them unique and different from the ones you can find at other stores such s Ikea, Target, Bunnings and Freedom. You know they are not hand or custom made and being manufactured in other countries.

Models & Designs:

Like all other products, the coffee table designs come in different styles and categories. One of these categories is the classic. If your home decoration is classic, you should go to a table possibly a wooden piece of furniture so that you do not have a conflict in your home decor.

There is a modern style, the modern furniture for your home, which is produced in a wide range of different materials and designs, rectangular, square, round, wooden, and marble.

In houses with classic style decor, the traditional and classic coffee table is used. The material used in this model is inlaid and decorated with wood, which has many fans and is reminiscent of the past. Classic designs have a relatively high cost due to the art done on its wood.

Custom Design

This model of the coffee table was produced with special and creative ideas that in addition to a special appearance in them to maintain and use the existing space thought and engineering. In this section, you can find your personal ideas and designs for the production, send us an email with the picture. You can contact us here to give us the ideas of what you are looking for.


The general structure and design of the table are usually in the form of a one-piece coffee table, but in creative models, they are designed and produced as multi-pieces. In addition to the ability to use different parts separately. By connecting or separating the pieces, or by creating a special space, you can change the size of the table.

Modern Design

The modern coffee table is used in modern style decoration and has more fans than other styles. Because it creates more harmony even with other decoration styles. The modern design has a simple appearance with regular lines and promotes beauty and function together.

Mid century design

This design is becoming more popular nowadays after being forgotten for many years. Now that we have access to all designs of that era, we can combine ideas and have stunning prices at our home.

These mid century furniture pieces are mainly made of walnut timber in mahogany or dark brown. If you are interested in this design you can find a sheer number of table designs all over the internet that can help you find what you are after.

Rustic style wooden coffee table

The rustic style of furniture creates a rustic and old look. It is made of wood material, but its design patterns are simpler than modern and classic item.

The use of natural wood and maintaining its structure and appearance is very effective in the attractiveness of this model. Some designs of rustic furniture are made in combination with metal. Usually, wooden tabletops and bases are made of metal.

Minimal design

Minimal coffee table designs usually match a variety of furniture and decor styles. Because of their simple appearance, they are sometimes classified as modern tables.

When a simple table is placed next to your furniture, it makes your furniture service stand out and attractive, while it also has its own beauties.


One of the options in choosing the model of the coffee table is the multi-level ones. The beauty of this model is well known in the living room decoration. In addition to beauty, these models have a more practical aspect than others, and they cover more space.

The combination of wood and stone and glass or wood and glass can create a lot of charm in furniture. Combining these pieces and putting them together can give beauty and proportion to the living room decoration. At the same time, such models can be comfortable for each person when using the table.

They are very useful for modern or contemporary style houses, the modern look of these tables attracts everyone. First raw wood is cut in different dimensions and shapes, and after hitting different tools and designs on its screen with CNC machines.

The covers are variously coloured with special machines on MD. Raw wood becomes sticky. Since zero to one hundred of these tables are done with the machine, there are no restrictions in terms of design and model.

Veneer table

They are one of the simplest types of coffee tables that are made of ready-made veneer in different designs. Although these models are newer, they are still sold in furniture stores because of their low price.

There is also a special difference in the models. Using designs that are rarely seen anywhere, using quality and unique materials, creates a luxury and a special look that can be any decoration.

Round style

If you have a lack of space or have kids at home, the best option for you is a round table in front of a sofa. Coffee tables are very cumbersome due to their low height and the way they are used, which are usually placed in the middle.

Round models do not have these problems. But there are those who, apart from discussing space, are interested in a round model or have a round dining table and want their table to be round as well.
They can be used even as decorative pieces. What’s wrong? For example, the same table, can both have the function of a table and as a decorative function in the interior design.

Square & Rectangular

In addition to a variety of round or square models, the rectangular model is also very in high demand. The rectangular coffee table is very versatile because it covers the space in front of the 3-seater sofa well. That is why most models are made in rectangular dimensions.

There are many people who want to put their hands on those who have stylish and beautiful designs when choosing furniture and accessories. Well, this is exactly suitable for this group of people. They are so different and varied that you can be sure that anyone with any taste can find what they are looking for, just take a little time for them.

 Glass Table Top

The glass has always maintained its place in the interior decoration of the house. Glass coffee table is one of those models that are very popular as long as the work is of acceptable quality and has a beautiful design and model.

Box-shaped with storage

The best option for those who lack space or like to make the most of the space they have. Table of box shaped is sometimes marketed with and without a jack, but the jack type has a higher price due to the fittings used in it.

Coffee and side table set in 2022

One of the smart choices is to buy a table set with side tables and the main table. Just remember the design should be the same design.

Online shopping 2021

Online shopping of the best-selling 2021 models of the coffee table creates a good choice for those who like to see a large number of different models together and at the same time with the price.

You can view and compare all models along with a warranty and reliable and reliable after-sales service for your home. In Crimson Oak Design, you also have the opportunity to choose a custom and desired product according to your personal taste or the product you have seen.

The coffee table is an integral and important component in home decoration and complements furniture service. No furniture can be complete without a coffee table. In addition to the fact that they can complement the space in terms of appearance, its positive function and application at home should not be ignored.

Stay with the sofa and decor to get acquainted with the types of design. Modern, classic, Veneer, wooden and etc are the types of them that you will see the latest in the following. Check out the bookshelf category here.

Tips to pay attention to before buying a coffee table:


In all types of coffee tables, there is a wide range of choices based on the desired budget. From the front table of simple furniture with a price of $4000 to luxury tables with panels that are covered with precious stones and have a price of about $6000.

Choosing the right form with the interior of the house is very important in improving the decoration. Do you have a small and narrow space or a large and wide space? Do you have a child at home?

So it is better to choose the form of a round table in front of a piece of furniture without corners. If you use a rectangular shape, leave a distance of at least 80 cm between the coffee table and the TV so that you can move around smoothly.


The height of the coffee table is specified. The surface of them should be 5 cm higher than the height of the furniture next to it. The normal and standard size is 40 to 45 cm high, but if the height of your furniture is higher, it is better to use a higher one.


In the first step, you must determine your main purpose for the item. Do you use it for decoration? Do you use it as a storage space? Or do you really intend to use it for practical purposes? The coffee table of a piece of furniture can have a floor or drawers so that they can store the device or utensils.

Best Material in 2022:

The front table of the furniture has a variety of materials and the most common material for the front table of the furniture is wood. Round wood, beech, maple, oak, etc. can be used for the coffee table. Metal, glass, stainless steel are other materials.

It is mostly used in reception and living room decoration. Like all components of the house and other furniture, It has a lot of variety. Sitting around the table and chatting creates a feeling of more intimacy, and in the meantime, the various foods and drinks that are on the table in front of the furniture play an important role. In addition to the features, various styles in home decoration can also be seen in the appearance.

We hope the examples and tips mentioned above have helped you in choosing and buying an ideal coffee table that can both sit in your heart and shine in your home decoration. See our range of sideboards here.

What is a good price in 2022?

Cheap Venner coffee tables and not the handmade ones: From $150 to $600 which definitely we do not recommend as they don’t have durability. The longest time you can have them before they wore off is 3 years.

Bing brands mass-produced with wood: From $400 to $1500. Low longevity and quality can be seen in them easily.

Hand made wooden coffee table: Price from $1000 to 3000

End or Side tables:

They are usually considered as a set in the coffee table and have a design similar to the main table but in a simpler form. Their dimensions are smaller and the placement is considered between the furniture or in front of the guest or at the end of the sofa.

They do not have specifics and should be decided by you according to the need and according to the number of furniture and guests. Note that in order to purchase a side table that goes with other furniture pieces you can contact us and we will make them for you as per your size and design requirements.