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Bookshelf Styles in 2022 Australia

Even though a solid oak timber bookshelf generally serves one purpose, the range of designs they come in is mind-boggling. Sometimes the overall design is so out-of-the-box that the piece itself steals the limelight and sparks more debate than the books it is displaying.

But even with the less controversial piece, there is no shortage of style and with a little bit of research, you are bound to find exactly what you desire.

Wall Shelf / Floating

When we think of the modern home, we tend to think of less than spacious apartments. This can limit your choice of bookshelf as they tend to be quite bulky. Luckily, there are many more options that not only help you store and display your books but also function as beautiful bedroom and living room.

One solution is wall-mounted bookshelves aka floating wall shelves. While most of them are mounted using wooden or metal brackets, some have hidden fittings that have earned them the term floating.

It is worth mentioning, that just because this has sacrificed their legs to save space, it doesn’t mean they have to be just bland boxes to bear your books. Using the right material and innovative design they can turn an ordinary wall into a really inspired featured one. Where ever you buy your bookcase online or in store in Australia or Melbourne you should be mindful of these things.

Living room bookshelves

When it comes to picking a bookshelf for your living room, there are multiple variables that can help you make the right choice. Colour is probably the most important factor. As a rule of thumb, the bigger items in your living area should be of matching colours to maintain color harmony.

Other pieces such as your coffee table and side tables can fall on a different yet complementing spectrum. For example, if your sofa is beige you can go for natural solid oak for your bookshelves and then pick a darker shade of brown such as walnut for the smaller piece to complement the bigger items.

Kids shelving

Choosing the right bookshelf for kids’ rooms can be tricky. While it shouldn’t be too high, a really short one means little storage for home office space. there are a few factors to remember when shopping for kids’ room. Always go for sturdy and stable ones and if it is not an option, consider ones that can be bolted to the wall.

Another thing to remember is rounded edges on any furniture placed in a kid’s room mean your children can safely play and bring you peace of mind.

TV shelf & stand

Shopping for a TV shelf for your living room can be fun but challenging. The main challenge is usually to find the right shape, and naturally many pieces that may initially catch your eye don’t always tick this box.

The most used device in the house is the TV. The only thing that most people and guests pay attention to is the TV, so it is more in the eyes of the guests. For this reason, the TV should be placed in the best place in the house to make your home beautiful.

A mounted TV shelf is one of the best options that can help the beauty of your home in addition to holding it, but most people like to keep the TV on the wall, which is why these stands are made in different materials and designs for them.

To be able to help solve people’s problems. Those who like their TV to be on the wall, so definitely need a mounted TV. Try to be careful in choosing these tables as well, so that you can choose the best table that can solve your problems and buy it.

Plant shelves

These are used to organise the home accessories as well as to maintain the stuff. These also have a great variety in size (small and large, short and long), design and shape (square, rectangle). Circle, rhombus, multi-piece, sliding, base, wall, etc.), colour, material (wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.) and efficiency (TV, library, pot, etc.) are as follows: We have illustrated the stylish and beautiful ideas of wall shelf for plants,  pots and vases. To see more plant stands click here.

Ladder style

If you are one of those who have a green and flower corner, a beautiful collection of photos, traditional and antique dishes, books and thousands of other collections of what you are interested in, the ladder shelf is the best choice to use as a beautiful and attractive stand for picking up the collection.

Use your favorite. These have two types, independent and mounted, which have different floors and have the home office space needed to store accessories without occupying a large area. Using ladder shelves is a great idea to give charm and beauty to any where , especially a dining room. They are like an empty canvas ready to be filled with the accessories you are looking for.

Minimal Design

We love little candles from books around the house. This is equivalent to displaying fruit bowls, except this time they feed your brain and not your body. It may be more unorganised than the methods, but there is a special charm to this crazy method of squirreling away!

Usually, the corners of different rooms are unused spaces that can be a good place to design a corner using a wall shelf. If you have a small house and no longer have space to design bookshelves, a wall corner is definitely the best option for you.

Shoe rack

Depending on your use and needs, several types of these shoe shelves are designed and produced, which can be used according to the space you have.

Mirrored shoe rack: In these designs, which are very popular among people, due to the presence of a mirror on the shoe rack, in addition to making the house look bigger, you can use the mirror to check your look when you go out.

Classic shelf:

As their name suggests, this type of shoe rack is a good option to set with classic and antique decorations. In addition to having a stylish look, these shoes provide a lot of space for people to put on different summer and winter shoes.

Shoe Rack:

These styles for homes that have a fancy decoration, in addition to creating a suitable effect, can also have other uses such as clothes racks or mirrors. Standing shoe rack: These shoe racks can be considered the best choice for small apartment spaces due to the little space they occupy.

The shoe rack is another relatively popular model for small areas. One of the advantages of these styles is the possibility of putting a large number of shoes in them.

Before buying shoe racks, you should pay attention to several points. The most important factor in choosing the right one is its dimensions in proportion to the interior of the house, the number of family members and the shoes we put in it. Another thing to pay attention to is the compatibility of the colour and styles of the shoe with the home decoration.

Although most of them are in the form of wooden or MDF veneer shoe and adjustable bookcases, metal types can also be a good option to set with special decors. Also, when using a shoe rack, make sure that the more comfortable shoes are on the upper floors, which are easier to access.

Corner Shelf & Open Shelves

Usually, the corners of different rooms are unused spaces that can be a good place to design a shelf. If you have a small house and no longer have home office space to design it, a wall corner is definitely the best option for you.


While some read a bunch of toilets next to their porcelain train, the bathroom is generally a very small room for storing books. But I show someone who says they enjoy reading while in the yard or in the bathroom. Install some adjustable shelves on top of the sink or on empty walls and have a complete plan for browsing some books.

Built-in bookshelves with doors

Built-in bookcases are very practical and give users more space. These closets with drawers and display feature, which have several tiers, drawers, and spaces, are prefabricated and are available in a variety of classic, modern, contemporary and other styles. They can be used anywhere near the wall.

The design and model of these have a great variety, so when choosing them, you will have a variety of options. In addition to being a place to store your book collection, the bookshelf can provide a suitable space for your favorite decorative objects. As a result, you do not need to use a separate room for the study, the bedroom, living room is also a good place for the display shelf unit.

You can also use several pieces that include a shelf, desk, bed, or bookcase. In this case, more coordination is established between all components. They can also be used as a separator of two spaces.

Standard sizes

The standards used by designers are all based on the anthropometric dimensions of humans. These dimensions are chosen so that 90% of people can use them easily, and people in the upper and lower deciles often adapt to their standard sizes and get used to the conditions (although special products can be designed for them. Or included in bookshelves adjustment capabilities).

In a series of articles entitled bookshelf design standards in various sections, we have examined the standards of different types of display parts. In the third part of this series, you can get information about this used for the interior, such as using it for accessories and clothes.

For easy access to the open shelves, the standard height of the unit is not more than 213 cm. Small bookcases are usually 76 to 107 cm high. The top shelf should be large enough for an average person to reach easily (height 183 to 199 cm). If you want people to have access to them while sitting, the height of the highest shelf should not exceed 152 cm. Also, the lowest one should be 8 to 10 cm above the ground.

The width and length of the bookcases are determined according to aesthetic criteria as well as the bending and tummy tuck of the floors. A fully stocked bookshelf weighs 9 to 11 kg at a pressure of 30 cm width. The depth is determined by the size of the books in which it is placed. This value is in the range of 15 to 61 cm. The depth is generally 25 to 30 cm. Check out our coffee tables.

The length is generally between 18 to 38 cm or 20 to 30 cm. For easier searching between books and less heavy bookshelves, it is better to design smaller ones above the and larger items at the bottom of the bookshelf.

It is better to use different methods to increase the strength and strength of the open bookcases and prevent them from bending. The ups and downs in which the wood slides into each other are the best ways to increase the strength.

A very important factor in choosing consumables on the bookshelf  is the strength of those materials. Plywood is harder and stronger than chipboard. Chipboard is more flexible than other types of wood and if used with a long length, it will suffer from improper curvature in your furniture pieces.

Small size and low bookcases

Another popular place for a home library is the space behind the sofa or couch. Most living areas or TV rooms can put them behind the sofa, we always push our furniture too close to the wall! Not only can you read at home for something other than a luxurious TV, but choosing a place with a comfortable chair and sunlight is a good place to have a good book!

A few bookcases over the bed allow you to free up some floor space that may already be cluttered with books. Whenever you are at the top of the home screen or next to where you sleep, always make sure you are big enough before going to this option. You can find us as your nearest store.

If you have a dining table in your bedroom, but there are no adjustable shelves consider using fixed levels for more space. These are on the table for easy access to study materials, as well as a great storage solution.

Bookshelf Material

We have provided some suggestions and inspirations that give you the best storage options for modern books. We take the best way to design an optimal home page so that you can enjoy effective and spectacular methods, display and create your collection feature.

Solid Timber & Wood

Most shelves are made of timber like walnut and oak or even pine.

MDF & Veneer

Even if your collection moves half a truck a day, designing a small space for a small solid oak bookshelf in your home will allow you to make the most of what you have. There are several gorgeous bookshelves and innovative storage ideas for your books.

Make sure your shelf is sturdy and of good quality. The last thing you want is to have a brown box in the middle of the book with the weight of all the paper and knowledge! It should be hung with suitable anchors and attached to the walls and walls of the CMU. Make sure it fits well enough for all your books.

Keep in mind that you should have a shelf with a generous room, coffee and dining table books and art books, while novels and papers need the more affordable bookshelves.

Metal bookshelves

Many workspaces today use metal to divide communal and private spaces – to turn modern workspaces into multi-purpose environments that are the perfect combination of private and shared space.

Wooden and metal bookcases are placed next to home appliances, depending on the style of interior decoration in the study or even the living room.

In the world of modern and of course creative design, some designers have designed low bookcases with different and beautiful shapes and structures. The metal bookshelves consists of 2 * 2 profiles and 16 mm thick MDF.

One of the most popular ideas in interior design is to buy a modern metal bookcase in your home office. Buying a large florist shelf is very important for many people and it is not possible to buy it due to the limited space available.

Many people also think about designing a bookshelf because of the desire to use empty space at home.

You can order this type of bookshelves for simple walls, L-shaped and U-shaped corner spaces such as the distance between two columns, etc. so that home office space is used optimally and the environment looks more beautiful and elegant.

Glass Bookshelves

Glass and wooden bookcases are gaining more and more fans every day due to their simple, stylish, and cheap design. In the past, these were a space for storing vases, books and other accessories, but now modern products with all this variety of models should not be underestimated at all.

Gradually, the same wooden and glass bookshelves and floors take control of part of the home decoration, and in fact, become the focal point of interior design.

Tips on Solid Oak bookshelf in 2022

Bookshelves are available in a variety of designs and shapes. You can buy a bookcase that is up to the ceiling or has no more than a few pieces and you have to bend over to pick up the books. Some of them are wide and some are narrow; Some of them are attached to protect the books and protect the books from dust and moisture.

There are a variety of products in this field and this makes the choice a bit difficult. For this reason, we decided to mention some examples of the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying one in this section.


  1. Before buying, the first thing to consider when choosing a bookshelf is to locate it. Measure the space you have and know what dimensions you are looking for when shopping at an online store.

The space you need

  1. Have a thumb account of the number of your books so you can buy a bookshelf with the right number of tiers. If you want to put other items such as photos, vases, or other decorative bookshelves in it, make a place for it in advance.

Bookcase Decoration

  1. Also, when buying, you should pay attention to the type of layout and decoration and other pieces in which you are going to place the shelf, and buy one that is in harmony with the whole space. Flexibility, small space and fit of the bookshelf with the size of the dining room.
    4. Try to buy the one that has adjustable levels so you can create space for different books of any size.
  2. In terms of design, bookcases have long been built in regular rectangular and square shapes. Of course, most manufacturers pay more attention to shape and function than colour and beauty. But the market needs to encourage manufacturers to produce bookshelves in modern designs and colours. Some designs become much more beautiful by adding a few decorative items.

Bookcase Vs Bookshelf

Bookcases are shelves that are used to classify books, magazines, etc., and depending on the size, size, and weight of the books, you can buy an ideal sold timber bookcase. A children’s bookshelf should be built for children, and the colour of the wood should be a happy and funk colour to match the soft mood of the child.

If someone needs a bookcase at the university level and above, a “high-strength” must be built because their books are usually large and heavy, and the shelves for these books are it is very important to be better and easier to fit inside them.

It should also be built for high school students whose standard size, the height of wood shelves is their books. Usually, for students, the standard with a height of 180 and a width of 90 cm is very suitable and the depth is built between 32 and 38 cm.

Don’t buy cheap bookshelves

It has probably happened to all of us that we have to buy a cheap or second-hand bookshelf. But if your most important issue is budget before you decide to buy a cheap living room, consider the following points, the result will be much better: First of all, think about how to decorate your dining room in the house or home office.

Before buying new bookshelves from any store, it is better to think a little and see what model you need in terms of colour, size and performance. This idea may seem a bit introductory, but it’s important in the beginning.

To do this, one of the ways that can be very helpful is to design shelves on paper after choosing its style. By estimating the space of the house, you can choose the style, size and number of tiers, and functionality you need. Or even better, after drawing on paper, take it with you to the store and compare the actual sizes with your model.

Estimating the available space of the house, in addition to buying them, also helps to buy other household bookshelf. With that said, you might as well buy a smaller amount of bookcases at a higher price and make better use of your budget.

Finally, it can be said that buying cheap displaying units can be cost-effective as long as you pay attention. If you find a cheap one that fits your home, practical and durable, do not miss it. After all, torn shoes are a booty in the desert! So, take this opportunity to save.

The only place where you can confidently say that buying a second-hand or cheap bookshelf is not the right thing to do is when it hurts your health and comfort. Because bookshelves units and wood products, in general, are accessories and ornaments that you come in contact with many hours of the day.

You will not make a mistake by sticking to certain budgets and considering your home space when buying from a reputable store. When buying, consider your priorities and do not forget that being cheap does not mean being of poor quality. So, look for the ideal ones.

In general, we knew that buying bookshelves units should be based on how long we are going to live in a particular place and the number of times we use it. By buying cheap furniture or a bed, the hours you rest on it will be uncomfortable. However, if you are constantly moving them, the more compact shelf that moves easily is preferable to larger bookshelves.

It is true that buying durable products is cheaper, but depending on the circumstances, it is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

Our Stores VS others like Ikea store

1. It adds value to your home

Every house without a bookshelf has no beauty. What makes a home a great place to live on the high-end piece. So, make your home more stylish and beautiful by buying an expensive unit.

2- Shows your good taste

If you want to decorate your home according to your personal taste, consider buying an expensive bookcase. The first thing that catches the eye of any party in your home and can reflect your particular taste and style is your furniture. In addition, by renovating the house and adding decorative items to it, you can also show off your taste.

3- Safer for your family

Naturally, buying a quality bookshelf will be more expensive, but it has been proven that such bookshelves is designed more carefully and does not lose its efficiency over time, especially if you have children. Investing in a more expensive products will not leave you worrying about your children’s safety. While buying a cheap and low-quality custom shelf unit that has been made very easy to build, you must constantly watch out for children so that they are not damaged.

4- Don’t need to buy again

If you choose a cheap product today from a store, you will probably have to replace it after a short time. Because cheaper goods are usually of lower quality and will soon become unusable. You will have to pay more to buy expensive and high-quality bookshelves, but instead, you will be relieved that they will stay sturdy for years and will not cost you anything more.

5- A kind of investment

Buying an expensive custom bookshelf is one of the most important investments you can make. When you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.

However, comfort and security at home come first. So how much better to spend your money on high-quality and durable bookcase from your nearest store! Stay tune with us and check regulary as more bookshelves are coming into stock. If you buy online, we have the delivery options in all cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide etc.