Bar Cabinet Buying Guide in 2022

Shopping for furniture can be quite stressful. Will it go with the interiors? Will the size meet our requirements? These are some common concerns among buyers. And understandably so, simply because furniture can make or break your home interiors.

So, how should you choose a beautiful piece of art that amplifies the space you call home and meets practical day to day requirements as well? We’ll make shopping for your bar cabinet quick and easy with this guide.

Types of Bar Cabinet Designs Ideas

Let’s discuss your options.

  1. Luxury Modern Bar cabinet:

 Luxury cabinets with a modern touch are best sellers for a reason, i.e. it gives a new and youthful vibe to your space. And who doesn’t want their home interiors to look brand new?

In general, most luxury ones come in vibrant colours, easy to open doors without applying much pressure, and intricate designs that look trendy, and artsy.

Don’t be fooled by the term luxury because what looks luxurious isn’t always going to burn a hole in your pocket. If you spare a minute and check out our furniture, you’ll know! 

  1. Home Bar Cabinets with Shelving & Glass Storage:

As a personal bar cabinet that is highly functional, a home bar cabinet with shelving and glass storage is your go to. The best is the fact that they have divided shelves for easy storage. Check out our range coffee tables here.

The only downside is the fact that care is needed when cleaning and setting up your mini bar cabinet as the fragile glass shelves are likely to break if handled otherwise.

  1. Minimal Styles:

 Some of them like basic classy looking bars, and that’s just fine for home space including a bar cart. If you fall under this category, opt for cabinets that come with minimal or no design. A bonus factor being, it is relatively easy to clean a piece of furniture that is simple, basic and minimalistic style.

  1. Mini Bar cabinets:

As the name suggests, mini bar cabinets will be of a miniature size. These are most well-suited for people that don’t want their furniture to take up a ton of space. No matter the size, these can be as stylish and modern looking as a luxury bar cabinet with internal drawers.

Before choosing a mini bar cabinet, look out for your actual needs i.e. do you have a lot of liquor to store? How often do you buy liquor?

  1. Built in corner bar cabinets:

 A DIY beverage & drink bar cabinet built in a corner of the house is the best type of handsome bar cabinet if you have enough room in your dining area for it and you’re one of those people who love the idea of having your ‘personal space’ at a bar feel. Here find timber bookcases on Crimson Oak Design. You can place your piece near your tables or sofas.

However, it comes at a cost – often a huge one. On top of that, it’ll take up plenty of room. And the fact that it’ll add up just another space to maintain on a regular basis, is why most people would have second thoughts.

The materials in Bar Cabinets

  1. Wood, Timber, Tas Oak, American Oak, and Walnut:

 While wood and timber have strength, are durable, and sustainable; the main disadvantages include moisture, warping, burning, and being an easy target for wood destroying pests.

Tasmanian oak is likely to be better in terms of stability. It is termite resistant, thus, making it a great choice for buyers. American oak is easily recyclable, strong, durable, had a great visual appeal. You can have it in a different colour to make it black oak.

Walnut is an expensive material as it is strong, dense, polishes well, and looks attractive.

  1. Glass and Mirrors:

 Extremely fragile yet visually appealing, wine glasses and mirrors are comparatively affordable than other materials. Although, it needs to be carefully handled.

  1. Metal, Brass, LED lighting in a bar cabinet:

 Metal and brass can be a good choice considering the solidity and durability factor. However, it is generally not so visually appealing.

Under-cabinet lighting is an interesting way to make your look ‘party like. LED lights are not just energy efficient; it also adds up high end appeal making your it look expensive.

  1. Bar fridge:

A bar fridge is a popular choice for commercial use just because door handles are easy to open. And who doesn’t want chilled drinks? The fact that these mini bars are portable acts as an added advantage for a buyer.

Custom Bar Cabinets

Custom bar cabinets are unique and cater to a buyer’s individual needs.

Width, Height, and Depth in a product dimensions:

The beauty of a custom bar cabinet is that the buyer gets to request a dimension and the looks of a to-be customized cabinet. Typically, a customized dimension can be W 930x Height 800x D400. However, it can be customized as per requirement.

Budget: With customisation, the budget can differ in various aspects. The better the quality and bigger the size will obviously mean a relatively increased budget for the buyer.

The beauty of customised stuff is the fact that any budget is enough and costs can go down with a few alternatives. Check this category if you are looking for sideboards & consoles.

Difference between Ikea, Freedom, Amart Bar Cabinet, and Crimson Oak Design

Ikea produces in bulk. It’s a big business. Moreover, their only priority is to create cute, art like aesthetics. And that’s the only reason for their growing popularity. When in reality, IKEA doesn’t focus on function, i.e. the reason why a piece of furniture or bar cabinet is used, in the first place. Sadly, consumers only get to understand this when it doesn’t last long. Did we mention Ikea furniture gets easily scratched?

Similarly, brands like Freedom and Amart don’t focus on the quality. In comparison, they may be cheap solely because of the standard subsidized wood material they use.

On the other hand, Crimson Oak Design is an award winning creative furniture company. Our USP is our premium handcrafted furniture designed to suit your needs. All our products are customisable. Our bar cabinets are exclusively hand crafted in engineered American walnut with brass pulls and leg caps and copious space for display and storage. Sophisticated styles with gentle curves (which incidentally are in vogue) on four corners.

Featuring a wine bottle compartment,bar accessories, plenty of wine glasses storage and multiple shelves plus heaps of space for your favourite liqueurs, and ice buckets; they are guaranteed to bring opulence into your space. You can have bar carts near the piece to have portable one too.

Why Choose Our Shop?

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