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Bespoke Custom Furniture in Melbourne 2022

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to choosing the right company or person to do bespoke custom furniture. Fortunately, you have found one of the best companies Australia wide, Melbourne to work with you to make your own handmade furniture and do a fantastic job at a really competitive price.

Best Custom Made Furniture Maker in Melbourne

Accurate and elaborate work is done when custom-made furniture like dining tables or a coffee table is being done. It is exactly the size you are looking for, laborious and well made that should last for generations. There has been a huge shift from low-end products to parts that are not going to be simply dumped in landfills, which is good news for us as furniture makers.

When you order pieces, you are supporting a local maker business and you will immediately advantage of having your favourite piece that has all the features you want. Most importantly, you also connect with someone who puts their heart and soul into creating something for your home that is not only unique but also great.

Timber Handmade Furniture in Australia in 2022

When you choose Crimson Oak Design custom made wooden furniture as your trusted and reliable maker to order a piece of furniture in Melbourne, you can successfully enhance and upgrade your home interior decor or dining tables and utilise any space. By choosing us, you are making the best decision to ensure that you receive friendly support from our team and specialised design and construction.

By buying our products, you can forget about things like buying a piece that does not fit well with a particular setting, because its size is not suitable for your living room or dining tables.

Our Tas Oak, Walnut, and American Oak are great options for creating a piece with a great and impressive stain and finish that can be flawlessly combined with your decorative compositions in your space. Choose us today so we can get started getting a quote on your handmade furniture design. We have a professional and friendly team to assist you and ensure that you understand all the details of ordering.

Most Common Solid Timber We Use in Our Products

Solid wood showcases itself beautifully in the design and creation of our products especially when it’s made of American oak in your home. We build your house with solid wood furniture, which is your permanent decor.

We use rarely veneer wood where the design requires it. We have used these bookshelves made of veneer wood. Each custom made furniture piece is designed to convey its inherent simplicity and power.

Solid Tassi Oak/ Tas Oak

One of popular Australia wide made timber we use a lot is Tas oak which can be very sturdy with a pinkish shade. This is one of the most popular ones among Aussies. We love the timber too, you can have different shades and finish with this one from pale to walnut colour. As it’s local species, we can save the transportation cost and time too and get them from local suppliers.

American Oak Wood

American Oak is one of the sturdiest timber there is. We use this for customers that require something that lasts long and is scratchless. In US and Europe, most manufacturers use this timber in their amazing pieces. Bu in Australia and Melbourne people prefer tas oak.

Walnut Timber

American walnut is one of the most beautiful wood species. Everyone loves this timber because of the shades and patterns in the wood. The only problem is the price, It is one of the most expensive timber you can get and the pieces made from can cost an arm and a leg. So that’s why you probably can get this from a high end furniture store like Crimson Oak Design.

Benefits of buying custom design furniture

Purchasing a product according to customer tastes has numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits.

Ability to select your favourite model

One of the main and most important reasons that many people prefer to buy custom furniture is the possibility of choosing the model they want. However, today different models are available in the market. But many people who have unique tastes can not find the model they want among them. In such cases, handmade products are a better option.

Ability to choose the size

Another unique advantage of custom design furniture is the ability to choose the size you want to fit the dimensions of your home. In this way, the length, width, and height can be personlised according to the width of the room wall or the height and shortness of the ceiling of your house. Ready-made furniture is usually produced in standard size.

So if you want to make your home layout exactly according to your plan, it may be better to choose pieces.

Especially these days, apartment life has convinced us all to implement our desired decoration in the limited space of our residence.

Therefore, by buying handmade furniture, we can use the home space properly and avoid the crowds and suffocation of the environment. The standard dimensions of all the Crimson Oak Design are written in the description of each final product, but it is also possible to order a product you want according to the size of your home.

Ability to choose the style of custom built furniture

There are many people whose taste in home decoration is different from the models available in the market. Therefore, when they want to buy a sofa, they can not choose the style and model they want. Usually, these people think that the style of sofas in the market is too repetitive and boring. So they try different European styles.

If you are one of these people, I suggest you check out the final products available our the online store. Even if you want, you can share the style and model of the modern bedroom furniture you are after with our sales team. This way you can get the tips you need to customise your style.

Ability to select the colour & Finish

The right colour combination of accessories has a great effect on the interior decoration. This is why interior designers usually use materials whose colour can be easily set with all the elements. On the other hand, buying furniture is one of the most important components of stylish interior decoration. So the more colorful it is, the more beautiful it will look.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a particular colour, we do not mean choosing strange colours. Rather, the goal is to choose the right tonnage of colour. For example, you may want a specific tonnage of cream color that is not available in any of the market designs. In this way, custom made products and choosing the desired fabric will help you choose exactly the finish you want.

The possibility of using the timber

In some cases, people may consider a specific material to use in their equipment. In such cases, a piece of furniture will be the best option. For example, a person may like to use walnut wood. Therefore, when ordering a sofa, they can customise their desired sofa with the wood of their choice.

However, with the change in material, the cost of final products usually changes. But as soon as the result is exactly what the customer wants, it reduces the shortcomings of the issue.

Of course, it should be noted in some cases, the material you are looking for may not be available. Under such circumstances, it will not be possible to accept your order from the manufacturer.

Another point in this regard is that the manufacturers of furniture and other home decoration accessories are by no means willing to reduce the cost of the finished product by using low-quality materials. Therefore, you should not expect them to violate their standards in order to reduce prices.

It is possible to choose a combination

When preparing a sofa from market models, it is not possible to choose a set combination. So you can only choose the model and style and in some cases the color of the work. Therefore, it is not possible for you to choose the composition of the set. However, wooden furniture construction allows you to choose the combination of timbers set to your liking.

For example, depending on the location of your room, you may prefer to order three double sofas. Or due to lack of space, prefer to order five single sofas with two chairs. In this regard, you are very open to timber furniture, while you can not make the changes you want to buy the present.

The current economic situation does not allow the middle class to complete the interior decoration of their home at once. Therefore, it is likely that each piece of the home appliance will be purchased within a certain period of time. This can make it difficult to set up supplies over a period of time.

In buying furniture and making process, it does not matter when you buy, in any case, the item you want can be provided with the desired model. In this way, it is easily possible to set them with other accessories in your home.

To order the right product from Crimson Oak Design, you need to take only one photo of your other home appliances so that our consultants can offer you the best and most suitable item possible to be set with them.

Possibility of re-customisation if needed

As you know, popular models of decoration accessories change hands over a period of time. So it may be a model that was developed 10 years ago. Cannot be purchased from the market now. However, in custom furniture making, it is possible for you to re-order your desired model at any time and watch over the whole process.

For example, suppose you live in an 80-meter apartment this year. In such cases, your house will only have the capacity of a comfortable sofa. But you may live in a bigger house a few years later, with a living room or a living space about twice the size of your previous home.

Under such circumstances, you can easily arrange the decoration of your new home by buying an item. This will save you a lot of money on changing your home appliances.

Bespoke furniture manufacturing is generally a special and unique choice. Because it allows you to make your own accessories exactly to your personal taste. But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the disadvantages as well. But the fact is that the benefits of customisation are so great that the disadvantages are small. In general, the time-consuming preparation of the order and the cost of manufacturing special and unique models are the only disadvantages that can be mentioned for pieces.

Why is furniture customisation more cost effective?

Home space management and interior decoration design are some of the most important parts of a home layout. That is why all over the world, interior experts are paid a high price for your new pieces such as a dining table. Therefore, furniture making can be one of the most important and cost-effective ways to improve interior decoration.

On the other hand, creating custom pieces helps you to make the best use of the space in your home and no space is left unused. Or if you have a small home, have a great layout with the least amount of sofas.

Is timber custom furniture expensive?

Many people think that making furniture costs a lot of money. That is why it is considered a last resort. But the truth is that the model you choose does not require a special design process and is time-consuming. If the materials used in it are not so special and far from the mind, the cost of custom made furniture will not be much different from the market price for a dining table.

But if you are considering a specific material for your bespoke furniture that is unique or imported, you will naturally know that the price is different from the samples available in the natural market.

What are the pieces that should be customised for you?

Dining table from custom furniture makers for your dining room

Modern bedroom furniture

Coffee table and enjoy master craftsman

Dining chairs and custom design furniture

Outdoor furniture

Traditional designs pieces make the whole process easier for you

TV unit and if you are looking for an Australian made

Why is furniture making an interesting idea?

We all usually take refuge in the cozy and safe corner of what we call home after a busy day. A refuge where we rest and bring peace out of our daily worries. So the closer this safe haven is to our style and taste, the more relaxing it will be for us. Trust your local manufacturer and don’t go for an extensive range of other brands.

Buying custom made furniture allows you to arrange your home in exactly the style you want. Therefore, if you are a fan of simple and minimalist styles, you will be immersed in the simplicity of your home decoration. If you like sporty and special designs for your sofa, you can be alone in the cozy corner of your home and dream with ambition.

At Crimson Oak Design, where craftsmanship meets art, we try to manufacture all kinds of oak timber furniture including but not limited to side and coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, and bar cabinets.